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LANA LANE is an accomplished rock vocalist with a long history of albums and tours. Born in Concord, California to a musical family, Lana grew up with a balanced diet of both rock music and big band swing music. Since music was always in the house, singing came very naturally to Lana, and she started singing in bands straight out of high school. To forward her career, Lana moved to Los Angeles in the late 80s where she met her husband / producer Erik Norlander.

Lana's first album, Love is an Illusion, was released in 1995 to critical acclaim. It soon caught the ear of a Japanese record company, Marquee Belle Antique, who saw great potential in the music, and of course in the voice of Lana Lane. The company released Lana's second CD, Curious Goods, in 1996, and then in 1998, Marquee launched a new high profile label called Avalon with the Lana Lane as their flagship artist. Avalon released Lana's Garden of the Moon album which skyrocketed her career on the international stage, resulting in her first European release.

Lana began touring in Japan in 1998 to support Garden of the Moon and the subsequent Ballad Collection and Queen of the Ocean releases. She then expanded her touring efforts to Europe in 2001 to support Secrets of Astrology with additional tours in 2003 and 2004. Lana released her first DVD, Storybook: Tales from Europe and Japan, in 2004 that documents her first years of touring on two continents.

Lana has been dubbed as "The Queen of Symphonic Rock" by her fans and the press, and yet she remains a very versatile artist able to move from intimate jazz pieces (Ballad Collections, Winter Sessions) to bone crushing progressive metal (Secrets of Astrology, Lady Macbeth, etc.). But in the end it is Lana's love of melody and artistry that reigns over all. Lana is a dedicated artist who approaches her craft with grace and integrity. She celebrated the 10 year anniversary of her first album in 2005 and subsequently released a live DVD and CD of her 10th Anniversary Concert Tour. Lana released an acclaimed collection of classic rock covers in late 2006 called Gemini, and her most recent release is Red Planet Boulevard, an original melodic rock album recorded in The Netherlands and San Francisco, California.


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Birthplace: Concord, California

Main instrument: Voice

Secondary instruments: Guitar, Piano


Ten Favorite albums:

1. Heart: "Dreamboat Annie"
2. Heart: "Little Queen"
3. Deep Purple: "Deepest Purple"
4. Deep Purple: "Slaves And Masters"
5. Pink Floyd: "Dark Side Of The Moon"
6. ELO: "Eldorado"
7. Styx: "Pieces Of Eight"
8. Henry Mancini: "Uniquely Mancini"
9. Ella Fitzgerald: "The Verve Years"
10. Chris Cornell "Euphoria Morning"

Lana Lane Live 2004 Photo by Eddy Meuwese


Five Favorite Vocalists:

1. Ann Wilson

2. Glenn Hughes

3. Chris Cornell

4. Tony Bennett

5. Joe Lynn Turner

Influences: All of the above

Favorite films: Fargo, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Bottle Shock, Pulp Fiction, American Beauty, This is Spinal Tap, 2001: A Space Odyssey, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, Glengarry, Glenn Ross, James Bond films.

Favorite television shows: Californication, Mad Men, Weeds, True Blood, 24, Seinfeld,  Family Guy, I Love Lucy, Tenacious D.

Favorite food: Indian / Italian

Favorite pain reliever: a bottle of excellent Red Wine and my dogs!

Favorite quote w/author: "Life is a big, beautiful canvas - throw all the color on it you can." - Danny Kaye

Lana Lane Live in Japan 1998Lana Lane Live in Japan 1999

Other notables:

Speaks Dutch

Great Cook

Keeps a clean house

Television addict

Windchime enthusiast

Terrible at math

Loves big band swing music

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